At Open Bible Baptist Church, the Sunday School teachers and workers are excited about the opportunity and privilege to present the Word of God to individuals in an age-appropriate environment. From ages two to two hundred, we purposely balance doctrine and the application of the truths of the Bible. We accept the responsibility as given by our Lord and Savior to instruct and equip others in His precious Word. Thus:


1. We rely upon and acknowledge the authority of the Holy Scriptures, specifically the King James Bible, and endeavor to stay true to the Word of God in all that is taught.


2. We teach with a goal to affirm that the Word of God is "alive" and to impart that life and excitement to those who hear it. To that goal, we attempt to keep presentations "fresh" by using a variety of Biblically sound methods and techniques.


3. We teach with a goal of increasing the comprehension, retention, and personal life application of God's Word.


4. We teach with a goal to demonstrate the personal nature of God's Word to each person by attempting to get them indvidually and actively involved in the learning process.


5. We teach with the understanding that a major goal is to disciple, train, and equip each student to become stronger and more mature in their faith as well as being able to demonstrate Christian character in their lives.


6. We realize that our ultimate goal is to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that we do and will particularly strive to do that in all the teaching sessions. In keeping with this goal, we will attempt to ensure that all attendees have ample opportunities to receive Jesus as their personal Savior and will be prepared to lead them in that decision.