Open Bible Baptist Church has many members involved in ministering at the Pittsylvania County Jail in Chatham, Virginia, through the Good News Jail And Prison Ministry. Mr. Kerry Kelley, the chaplain, teaches a Bible study three times weekly, counsels, and provides written Bible correspondence studies to all interested inmates. Volunteers grade these Bible lessons to ensure that they are returned promptly. Other church volunteers assist Chaplain Kelley by preaching, teaching, and song leading at an evening service held once a month.


Additionally, Bible studies led by Chaplain Kelley and his wife Sharon are held every Tuesday at the W. W. Moore Detention Home For Juveniles in Danville, Virginia. The Kelleys also provide one-on-one counseling for the young people.


 Along with those actively involved in ministering, many Open Bible Baptist Church members faithfully pray for God's blessing on the jail and prison ministries. Their prayer is that those ministering may see lives changed through the power of God's word, the Bible.