Open Bible Baptist church

Young Men's Leadership

Young Mens leadership has 3 goals for those involved:

-    Developing an Apologetic way of life; that is,

       Learning Who we believe in (throught the person of Jesus Christ)

       Understanding What we believe (Does it all fit together?)

       Defending What we believe (in a ungodly world where it will be challenged)

       Living out How we believe(Before God and others)

-    Challenging each other & mentoring younger people

-    Encouraging each other in our walk with God

   Young Men's Leadership is a group for young men, ages 17+, that meets every other Saturday Night. Led by Pastor Tim, the meetings are a mix of teaching, reading, & discussion that examines topics relevant to living for Christ & impacting others in today's culture

   Our desire is that this group lets us put our young men in a position to advance His kingdom in the arenas in which He has specially placed them.