The Bible Institute Network's Church Bible Institute provides a college-level Bible curriculum, which has been broken down into easy-to-learn, bite-sized chunks that students of any age can learn effectively. From the classroom to the comfort of your own home, it equips you to do both Learn & Teach God's Word!

You will learn the entire Bible from cover to cover through 135 lessons -- 45 Old Testament, 45 New Testament and 45 Theology. Every Single lesson includes:

1. Student Lesson Guide in PDF and printed form;

2. Dr. Wilmington's Notes in PDF and printed form;

3. Interactive Video Presentation by Dr. Willmington;

4.Enhanced Transcripts in PDF and printed form for those who learn better by reading or want to read along with Dr. Willmington's Lesson Presentation;

5. MP3 files for those who prefer to listen to a lesson either on your computer or on your portable player such as an iPhone;

6. Lesson Quizzes that are graded automatically and can be printed out to store with your class notes.

7. 1 hour classroom lecture at the Blue Ridge Bible Institute (BRBI) taught by an instructor using lesson specific material prepared by Dr. Wilmington. BRBI meets at Open Bible Baptist Church in Chatham Virginia.

All of this on your own computer-based DVD disk, which is stored in an easy-to-follow student notebook featuring step-by-step instructions, class syllabus, a place to store your tests, college credit explanation, Bible study resources and a SPECIAL BONUS of Bible-at-a-Glance; an introduction to each book of the Bible, comparison with other books of the Bible, facts regarding the author, key events, key individuals, key places, and unique features, as well as titles and types for Jesus in each of the 66 books of the Bible. As an ADDITIONAL BONUS, you receive online student access to the Bible Institute Network that has all the class material available to you. You can even take the lesson quizzes online and print out a student transcript.

Don't have a computer or online access! No problem, the material is also in print form and online access and online quizzes can be accomplished at Open Bible Baptist Church.

In addition, you receive these Online Downloadable Bonuses:

Bible Reading Trascripts for all 135 lessons with room for note taking can be printed out from the Church Bible Institute DVD inPDF. (Over 2,000 pages)

At just $120 for the first semester and $50 for remaining five semesters, you get a complete college-level Bible education for less than it would cost for you to take just one course at most Bible Colleges!

The curriculum has been prepared for you by Dr. Harold L. Wilmington, Dean of the Wilmington School of the Bible, a true Bible Scholar. For 54 years, he has been using his God-given gift to teach Christians how to study the Word of God. He has taught over 110,000 students and has authored over 20 published books-- the most well known is the best selling Willmington's guide to the Bible.

There are two major certificate course components to the Church Bible Institute: Old Testament & New Testament. When you successfully complete each component, you will receive a certificate of completion.

For inquires and more information contact Open Bible Baptist Church, 20669 HWY 29 South, Chatham VA. Phone (434) 432-0483

Blue Ridge Bible Institute